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January 28, 2019 DESIGNS

Contemporary Design

Contemporary design – Modern or modern designs are characterized by cool neutral colors and clear lines, with very little detail. However, this does not mean that your home feels like a part in a sterile operation. When you get a modern design at an extreme point, you will look cool, but if you add enough texture and color variations, your room will be the perfect combination of contemporary design and comfort. Check out the following six elements and think about what you want to use to design your modern room. You do not have to adopt all this, just get what works for you and your place.

Contemporary Design BookDhelves

Contemporary Design BookDhelves

Contemporary design color palette is cool and neutral. Brown, beige, white and black. This does not mean a bowl of milk. Use these colors as the basic foundation. When your room background is neutral, you have the entire color palette for a brighter color in the accessory. For example, if you have pale cream walls and wooden floors, carpets can make remarkable statements. Just make sure you do not exaggerate the bold nuances. Remember that modern design is only about simplicity.

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Metal is the second important element of contemporary design. Nickel, chromium and stainless steel are used to produce fine and clean lines known for this style. You can find furniture, accessories, or lamps with beautiful metal elements. Glass is often combined with metal in furniture or shelves to make simple but bold statements. Texture is the third element of modern design. The modern decor is a smooth, elegant and cool texture. To make your home feel like home, not as an industrial plant, you have to spread a smooth and elegant texture with various textures. Fabrics are an excellent source of fabrics in modern space. Bright pillows with linen, silk or velvet crushed give a touch of feel to the room.

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